Where did honesty, fairness and equality go?

Here we are conservatives. This is what you wanted. A president that says whatever he wants regardless of its truth. In fact, in his mind, truth is whatever he chooses it to be – an alternate truth, and you dear Fox News obsessed neo-conservatives accept that.

You say “Well I wish he wouldn’t say some of those things…”. Which is to say you give him a pass because, you know, Fox News says you should. The truth is you are no longer capable of thinking rationally and honestly about what the office of president should constitute.

“We’re going to build a wall and Mexico is going to pay for it!”. Except Mexico isn’t going to pay for it. You are. To get the money to build his wall he’s going to steal it from everywhere else. And what he can’t steal he’ll borrow because no one has taken away his credit card. Up goes the national debt.

Oh yeah. Remember the national debt? Remember Mitch and the republicans screaming about how Obama is spending money like crazy and the national debt is out of control? Now what? The republicans are spending way more money as well as cutting taxes for themselves and their rich friends. Oh. Did you think YOUR taxes were getting cut? Not a chance. Only the rich people will pay less taxes. YOU are just going to get screwed. Rich people’s tax cuts are permanent. Everyone’s else’s will expire in a year or two. Cool deal for the rich. Screwjob for everybody else. This is all part of the republican agenda. It really boils down to stealing as much as possible.

Why do we build hundreds of tanks we don’t need? Why do we spend a trillion dollars on a fighter jet we’ll never use? Why is everything the military wants so incredibly expensive? Why do you think? Who profits from these programs? How many generals involved in decision making in these unbelievable programs retire into high-paying jobs with the very companies who profit from the very decisions these generals make? Remember what president Dwight Eisenhower said back in the 1950’s? Well let me remind you, he said “Beware of the military industrial complex”. Too bad we didn’t listen. We are now LITERALLY taking food out of the mouths of children to pay for walls that will never work, jets we’ll never need let alone use and tanks that just go into storage because we don’t need them and probably never will.

So here you are new conservatives. You are now the party of enablers. Whether you believe in any of it or not you now support racism, white supremacy, a vast military industrial complex that is nothing more than a pipeline of feeding tax money into the pockets of the already overwhelmingly rich. You support a political machine that is little more than a stinking pile of lies whose only goal is raping America and stealing everything they can. You can’t even imagine the world you are creating for the grand children or their children. Because you don’t care. Not one bit. All you care about is how pretty your gas-guzzling monster truck is and that its bigger than everyone else’s.

I see you everyday. I see you in the stores, on the roads, driving through for fast food. You’re everywhere. You stand out. You’re arrogant, holier than thou, self-righteous, jerk who hates science and hates everyone who isn’t like you – you know WHITE. Fortunately, the descendants of white europeans that remain in control of this country are dying out, LITERALLY dying out. Good bye and good riddance.